Fabrice Moinet

Weaving in progress

  • torsdag 27.5.2021, 12:00, 2.etasje-Hurtigrutekaia, Gratis
  • fredag 28.5.2021, 12:00, 2.etasje-Hurtigrutekaia, Gratis
  • lørdag 29.5.2021, 12:00, 2.etasje-Hurtigrutekaia, Gratis

»Weaving in progress« is a sound installation/sound performance, where the setup is in focus.

The project started last winter in a wood workshop, owned by one of the most iconic characters in Stamsund. As a sound engineer, I decided to build 50 loudspeakers to investigate the spatial characteristics of a sound field driven by many loudspeakers and the visual impact of such a setup.

»Weaving in progress« is an open space for the listening process. It is a space where the listener can experience invisible rules of sound perceptions.

During the process you are invited to wander among the loudspeakers or to take a seat. There might not be any specific »sweet spot« unless you find one on your own for a little while. The sound field is constantly unrolled in the entire space like a piece of fabric, woven  by its own irregularities and patterns. During the listening process, the visual aspect of the setup might interfere with your sound perception. Take it as an opportunity to zoom in and zoom out before diving  into your listening process again. You can zoom in, you can zoom out. You can observe all of the layers of the sound field and be witness to the fabrication of sound. As if you would have a piece of fabric in your hand, you can turn it around to observe the back side of it. Wandering behind the stage, you might see an invisible listener in this empty space, or maybe that listener is yourself a few minutes ago when you were standing there.

Fabrice Moinet: Sound designer for the dance field for many years, I have been collaborating and touring with various artists like Christina Clar, Heine Avdal, Constanza Macras, Terry Riley, Franck2Louise, Garlo and others. I am now based in Stamsund focusing and reflecting on my practice as a sound artist and sound technician. Driven by mathematics and physics, the sound have been the media that opens questions about the space and our perception of the environment. As a member of the french Institute of Music and Research in Paris (IRCAM) during 2000, I started to use emerging technologies to explore multiple aspects of the sound.

Using the technology, creating software and electronic devices to perform the sound and to offer different experiences of listening to our surroundings.

Made possible by the full support, love and precious advices from Ingvild Isaksen and the generosity of Roar Justad for his wood workshop and tools Co-produced by Stamsund Teaterfestival. Supported by Samfunnsløfte 2021 SpareBank1 Nord-Norge, Fond for lyd og bilde og Norsk Kulturråd-Fri scenekunst