Mårten Spångberg og Sidney Barnes

They Listened To The Seasons Change, 13

    The September program is cancelled

    Some say, one needs to learn to listen to dance. They are probably right, after all listening isn’t all that easy. Yvonne Rainer, the choreographer, has said it’s difficult to see dance. Perhaps because it’s tempting to watch it as if it was theatre, sports, to be admired, sexy or mixing up meaning and dancing. Maybe, she meant to say that, see is not to watch, or the same thing. Watching is active, to take measure, whereas seeing, or see, is a passing. Not passive really, but open, a passing and we don’t need to say so much.

    Anyway, what they all have together – watching, seeing and listening — is that they all consider the dance to be the thing, the observed object. What needs attention, as if it asked for some special treatment or care. But what about if that’s not entirely, or it can also be the dance that listens to the audience. To each person or individual and altogether too. Listening not for something special, but being available for whatever it might be. You know, listening, a little bit like the seasons.

    Made possible by the support of Lake Studios Berlin. Supported by The Swedish Art Council, Fond Darstellende Kunste, Dis-Tanzen.