Blaue & Poppy

The Trial Against Ourselves

  • fredag 28.5.2021, 19:00, Teater Nor stor, TBA

On Christmas Eve, 2015, Julian Blaue, Edy Poppy and their baby boy are robbed by two impoverished, armed men in Rio de Janeiro. Blaue & Poppy’s first reaction is to report the two assaulters to the tourist police. They later regret it. This is a reversed crime story. Back in Norway, the couple explores the incident artistically, turning the guilt question up-side down. Who are the real victims?

As part of the global middle- and upper-class we all exploit the under classes.

In spring 2018, Blaue & Poppy enact a law against structural violence, at Sørlandets kunstmuseum. They then accuse themselves of breaking the law by having acted out structural violence against the two impoverished attackers. The duo travel back to Rio, looking for proof against themselves. They follow the tracks of their assaulters all the way to the prison. In autumn 2018, Blaue & Poppy present an “Interim Report” at the prestigious Museu de Arte do Rio, Kristiansand kunsthall and Teaterfestivalen i Fjaler.

The final act of this juridical drama is “The Trial Against Ourselves”. The accused artists present their findings from Rio as evidence of their supposed breach of law. The prosecutor agrees with their guilt, whilst the defence lawyer is defending them against their will. You can be a participant in the jury. If the jury finds Blaue & Poppy guilty, the judge will sentence them with a punishment, not yet known. Can an artistic precedent bring the law against structural violence away from the stage and into the parliament, and the accused out of the theatre and into the court house? If the jury finds Blaue & Poppy not-guilty, the show is over.

Language: English

Blaue & Poppy are an award-winning, German-Norwegian writing- and performance duo, operating trans-continentally. The artist, Julian Blaue, who has had celebrated and controversial performances in venues like Staatsoper, Berlin, and at The National Scene, Bergen, and writer, Edy Poppy, who has published critically acclaimed prose, translated into five languages, are partners in crime, love and art. They fell in love in 2014 when they created the performance “The Monomaniac Past and the Transvestite Utopia of the Future” at Henie Onstad Art Center, in Oslo. Later, Blaue & Poppy created a political love series: “The Sexual Body” at Dramatikkens hus, Oslo, “Love Train, Love Pain” at Bøker i Bø, “What About the Materiality of the Body, Judy?” in the journal Manifest, “Debt” at Staatstheater Darmstadt, and “Artistic Love Record”, with which they have toured the world. The duo launched the law against structural violence in Bulgaria in 2019, as the background for the article-performance “It’s Only Paper” in the newspaper Ny Tid, also shown live at Teateret, Kristiansand, at the art festival ReGeneration. In 2018 Blaue & Poppy started working on the performance series “The Personal Encounter with World Politics”, consisting of “The Criminal Complaint Performance” at Sørlandets kunstmuseum, “The Interim Report” at Museu de Arte do Rio et al. and now, “The Trial Against Ourselves” at Kilden Performing Arts Centre, on CourtStageTV and at Stamsund International Theatre Festival.

Artistic team: Director: Julian Blaue. Co-director: Edy Poppy. Concept: Julian Blaue Text: Blaue & Poppy. Performers: Blaue & Poppy. Actors and co-creators: Jacob Jensen, Samantha Lawson, and Laura Mitzkus. Scenographers and costume designers: Pelle Brage and Julia Rosa. Producers: Fredrik Træland (Kilden) and Edy Poppy Dramaturges: Endre Sannes Hadland (Kilden) and Jeppe Kristensen (Fix & Foxy) Juridical advisor: Jacob Jensen. Proof reader: Samantha Lawson Assistants: Frida Marie Blankenburg, Hanna Dybvik Inderlid, Ingrid Hamlandsø Hellan, Sofie Qvale, Thaline Magli Omdal, Sabina Jajevski. Co-produced by Kilden Performing Arts Centre