De Witte Pomp in coloboraration with Figurteatret i Nordland

The Coat

Digital performance for both adults and everyone from junior high school and up. A musical performance about the struggle for survival and children’s courage. The Coat is inspired by the book »The Puppet Boy of Warsaw« by Eva Weaver.

One autumn day in October 1941, the grandfather of the Jewish girl Manasseh was shot and killed by an SS-soldier, for no reason and right in front of her. To keep the memory of his grandfather alive, Manasseh puts on his coat. In a hidden pocket in the coat, she finds a Prince puppet, which comes alive. To help the orphaned children in the crowded Warsaw ghetto forget about the misery for a while, Manasse performs puppet theater for them. Then an SS-soldier demands that she also entertain the enemy.

The performance »The Coat« was made for the 80th anniversary of the construction of the Warsaw Ghetto. The performance is performed by one actor and two musicians from the Dutch company De Witte Pomp.

Artistic director, performer, puppets: Meike Van den Akker. Musichian/performer: Dirk Peter Kölsch and Radek Fedyk. Director: Marcel Sijm. Script: Simon van der Geest. Set design: Sanne Ossterving. Lys: Maarten Verheggen. Technician: Demi Kortekaas.