• Wednesday 26.5.2021, 13:00, Velferden, Free
  • Thursday 27.5.2021, 13:00, Velferden, Free
  • Friday 28.5.2021, 13:00, Velferden, Free
  • Saturday 29.5.2021, 13:00, Velferden, Free

We ask the artists to participate in a plenary where they can tell about how they think and work — and the performance they have shown at the festival. The audience can ask questions and get better known to the artists. If there are people in the room not speaking Norwegian the talks will go in English.

Wednesday 26

Magnus Myhr / Nora Svenning Sudesh Adhana

Thursday 27

Camilla Vatne Barrat-Due / Øyteatret

Friday 28

Blaue og Poppy / Guerrilla Plastic Movement

Saturday 29

Venter/Davidsen/Skar/Kolbenstvedt / Stina Lorås/Baktruppen