Sudesh Adhana og Nora Martine Svenning


  • torsdag 27.5.2021, 18:30, Kullbingen-Hurtigrutekaia, Gratis
  • fredag 28.5.2021, 18:00, Kullbingen-Hurtigrutekaia, Gratis
  • lørdag 29.5.2021, 18:30, Kullbingen-Hurtigrutekaia, Gratis

Sudesh and Nora are making two site-specific performances for the festival. They will be working with two objects, a sjark (fishingboat) for ”Ariadne’s Thread” and an enormous tire for ”Hydrabane”. The pieces are independent of each other, but share certain commonalities in theme and approach, for example both objects are man made for the purpose of exploration and dealing with nature. Both are connected with human curiosity and drive to push boundaries, unravel mysteries, tame the landscape and explore new territories. These instincts are deeply ingrained in us, but have they taken us to an impasse? Will we find our way out of the labyrinth and slay the dragon?

We wish to create movement and situations which might seem innocent and perhaps even funny to begin with, but when taking a closer look they reveal far more grave implications and associations as to how human actions are bringing dire consequences for nature, and therefore also ourselves. The pieces are not meant to point fingers, but rather work as invitations to reflection and wonder. Both “Hydrabane” and “Ariadne’s Thread” are playing with the interchange of everyday life and the magical, the concrete or practical with the imaginary and almost mythical.

Nora Svenning and Sudesh Adhana are an Oslo based artist duo. Their first choreographic collaboration was the performance “Nocturnal”, premiered on 3rd July 2020, which has since toured old farmhouses in eastern Norway and been a part of Bærum Culture Houses pop-up series Bærum UTE. “Nocturnal” will continue to tour Norway in 2022 as a part of Dansenett Norge, and it has also received funding to be played in hybrid form by local artists in India in 2021. The duos second performance “With in” was supposed to be performed as a livestream in early 2021, but due to new restrictions at the time it had to be postponed to a later date. “Hydrabane” and “Ariadne’s Thread” at Stamsund Theatre Festival will be their third collaboration, and later this year the duo will make their first choreography on other dancers at Nagelhus Schia Productions/Dansefot at Bærum Kulturhus.

Marita Solhjell Ølander made the costumes.