Draug Produksjoner, ved Stina Rávdná Lorås

Spør gresset – det vet

  • torsdag 27.5.2021, 19:45, Frysa-Hurtigrutekaia, TBA
  • lørdag 29.5.2021, 19:45, Frysa-Hurtigrutekaia, TBA

Only the grass knows the secret

Of who I am

Of where I came from

Of my history

My peoples history

The grass never lies

It knows

When I am home

I don’t belong

I’m not sami enough

I don’t speak the language

I don’t know the terrain

I wasn’t born there

I dont know the culture

I dont know the history

I stumble about as a newborn

I dont know

Where I belong

But the grass – it knows

The grass on the fields

Where my grandmother once walked

Childish leaps filled with laughter

Where she once learned to speak

In a language she no longer knows

In a culture she no longer owns

Of which she no longer talks

Unless kindly convinced 

By us who longs to belong

Stina Rávdná Lorås is a postmodernistic dancer, performer, playwright and theatre director from Trondheim, Norway. She explores relational, visual and multi-aesthetic expressions, often combined with, or with the purpose of highlighting, traditional expressions and culture.

Lorås is educated as a dancer from the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg, she has a theatre BA from NTNU and an MA from the University of Agder.

The recent years Lorås has done extensive artistic work and research around her own Sami inheritance. Through several dance and theatre performances she has questioned the forced assimilation, the shame and the loss of language, culture and religion that the coastal Sami people have suffered through the last centuries. Through her artistic practice she wants to rebuild the pride and history that belongs to the coastal Sami.

Performers: Composer and musician: Johan Sara Junior. Dancer and choreographer: Stina Rávdná Lorås. Contributing artists: Choreography: Yaniv Cohen. Movie: Tonje Cicilie Nordgaard. Scenography: Monica Mørch. Costume: Marianne Mørch. Actor in movie: Marion Palmer. Horn hat made by Heidi Persen. Technician: Svein Inge Nergaard. Creds: Norwegian arts council‚ Trondheim municipality, Trøndelag county‚ Kvalsund and Hammerfest municipality‚ Sami Parliament, DansIT, Dáiddafoanda.