• torsdag 27.5.2021, 10:00, Teater Nor liten, TBA
  • torsdag 27.5.2021, 16:00, Teater Nor liten, TBA

What happens when you find an ancient computer in the attic only to discover that it’s part of an intergalactic spaceship? Join us when we take apart the computer and reveal the history of the ship. Plantana is a sci-fi story of friendship and differentness  and protecting what you love.

The performance follows two friends living on a planet out of balance, a planet where life has become an absurd hunt for the next new trend! With help from a spaceship the two friends escape from the crazy tyranny. They venture out into the big unknown and into the tiny treasures of the seed bank. This is the story of how two little people can erupt monumental changes and become a part of the solution.

The space odyssey Plantana is a family performance that comes to life in the crossroads of object theatre and electronica music. Øyteateret has brought with them Jørgen Skjulstad aka Center of the universe, who creates a sparkling and playful soundscape. His brand new compositions will be served live with his homemade instruments.

Credits: Plantana by Ellen Jerstad. Played by Madeleine Røseth, Jørgen Skjulstad and Madeleine Herholdt. Scenography: Heidi Dalene. Puppet maker: Ella Honeyman-Novotny Music: Jørgen Skjulstad. Costume:Ellen Jerstad. Scripted and directed by Ellen Jerstad Dramaturge and outside eye: Marianne Malmåsen and Vincent Vernerie. Text dramaturge with script Kristina Kjeldsberg. In cooperation with KVANN – Norwegian seed savers. Thanks for support from Arts Council Norway Fond for lyd og bilde. Arts Council Norway Fri scenekunst. Arts Council Norway Bestillingsverk og produksjonsstøtte for musikk. SPENN Scenekunstbruket.