Vestvågøy kulturskole


  • lørdag 29.5.2021, 14:00, Meieriet kultursenter, TBA
  • lørdag 29.5.2021, 18:00, Meieriet kultursenter, TBA

A group of marine biologists have discovered a mysterious creature that will make them world famous. They want to do research and make a report, but is it ok to cut open someone who asks for help?

In the ocean a group of creatures have gathered for their mourning ceremony, but quickly realises that someone is missing. Where is Osea? Has she been taken by the humans? What will it take for the humans to realise that actions have consequences?

Vestvågøy Art School has the last years created performances from scratch as an offer to the pupils that participate in the spring performance.


Text and direction: Mette Myhr. Song texts and leader of practising: Hege S. Hov.  Music and composition: Bengt Ronny Lorentzen og Rune Larsen.  Choreography: June Lysjø. Senografer and light design: Lucjan Golas