Solitude & Assembly

Reading circle for performing arts critics Workshop/seminar

  • lørdag 29.5.2021, 10:00, Velferden, Gratis

With Hild Borchgrevink, Runa Skolseg, Anette Therese Pettersen and Geir Lindahl.

In the course of two days the reading group Solitude & Assemble will explore collective reading as a professional strategy. On Saturday morning the reading group will host an open conversation where the performers and audience of the festival are invited to discuss strategies to upheld practices during the pandemic – or in other situations with similar restrictions.

The pandemic has radically changed the working conditions of performing arts critics. Through Solitude & Assembly we wish to investigate whether it is possible to utilize the voids created by the low frequency of performances, to cultivate alternative practices of criticism and more radical texts and thoughts on criticism. Criticism has a cross-genre potential that can be easy to lose sight of in the performing arts field with its high production rate.

Art theoretician Alex Kitnick writes in I, etcetera on «a hybrid writing that troubles genre by refusing to write a criticism that stays on any one topic. If as Oscar Wilde once wrote, criticism is the only civilized form of autobiography, autobiography, might be a desublimated form of criticism: Everything comes to the surface».

 Solitude & Assembly will work in extension of this line of thinking. We want to investigate the interactions of writing and reading independently and together. As an approach to the pandemic situation, we explore collective reading as a critical professional strategy.

Solitude & Assembly is a series of reading groups and writing workshops for performing arts critics in 2021. The reading group’s third gathering will take place during the Stamsund Theater Festival 27-28 May 2021. Participation is free, but due to limited space, registration is binding. Visitors to Stamsund can apply for travel support (more information to come).

The reading group will take place over two days and will end with an open conversation with the festival audience.

Solitude & Assembly is organized by Hild Borchgrevink, Runa Skolseg and Anette Therese Pettersen. The project is supported by Arts Council Norway and is arranged in collaboration with the project Performing Criticism Globally (PCG). PCG is initiated and led by Geir Lindahl of Performing Arts Hub Norway (PAHN) and programmed by critics and writers Hild Borchgrevink and Anette Therese Pettersen. PCG arranges writing workshops, network meetings, seminars and talks about performing arts criticism in Norway and internationally.