Stamsund Hornmusikk


  • lørdag 29.5.2021, 16:30, Teater Nor stor, TBA

A small horn music band in Lofoten consisting of about 20 members. We are a cheerful and merry gang. Stamsund Hornmusikk was established in 1907, and has since been subjected to several ups and downs. In the interwar period the band went into hibernation, but woke up again in 1937. Not long after we had another break due to the second world war, but the 8th of May 1945 we rose again and have been steadily blowing our horns ever since.

The band have been threatened with discontinuation many times, but thanks to the strength and enthusiasm of its members, Stamsund Hornmusikk is alive and well growing by the day. 

Today we are 20 happy horn blowers. Our current leader is Hanne Straum Riise and our chief conductor is Cosmin Harsian.