Guerrilla Plastic Movement

Habitat, exhibition/workshop

  • onsdag 26.5.2021, 20:30, Galleri 2, Gratis
  • torsdag 27.5.2021, 12:00, Galleri 2, Gratis
  • fredag 28.5.2021, 12:00, Galleri 2, Gratis
  • lørdag 29.5.2021, 12:00, Galleri 2, Gratis

The Action Group Guerrilla Plastic Movement started in 2016 when Kari Gjæver Pedersen saw a pink plastic bag soaring in the sky by a beautiful waterfall in the mountains of Ethiopia. She got so furious that she invented the group GPM with Christine Istad that same evening, and soon they were 11 members – who use all kinds of creative expressions to fight against plastic in nature – and for a new future. The GPM people are artists, photographers, dancers, choreographers, teachers and authors:  Kari Gjæver Pedersen, Gry Hege Johansen, Toril Rygh, Pippip Ferner, Christine Istad, Hilde Kjepso, Pernille Rosfjord, Hanne Ekkeren, Vibeke Vigeland, Liv Evjan and Turid Svensøy.

Exhibition at Galleri 2: Habitat

The visual artists in the group will present the exhibition HABITAT at Galleri 2 together with Elisabeth Mathisen and Philipp Spillmann. They all have a strong focus on the environment- using a variety of techniques.

Participants in the art show: Gry Hege Johansen, Toril Rygh, Pippip Ferner, Christine Istad, Hilde Kjepso, Pernille Rosfjord og Hanne Ekkeren from the GPM, Elisabeth Mathisen and Philipp Spillmann as invited artists.


There will be an art project with school children the week before the Festival, and the results can be viewed outside Galleri 2. We also plan an open workshop for children during the Theatre Festival – about “HABITAT.” The participants will map the area around the gallery and create sculptural installations outdoors. Gry Hege Johansen and Vibeke Vigeland will work with the children – making images, text, music and dance.

How The Guerilla Plastic Movement works:

Our starting point is cleaning of the beaches. Creation of ideas, photo concepts, staging ourselves at the place, and sharing on social media. We benefit from the energy of working together. We use the plastic garbage we find for art projects, art installations and workshops for both youth and adult people.

Guerrilla Plastic Movement works for a clean ocean and a world without plastic by using visual, verbal and artistic tools; action art — serious and humoristic at the same time. Guerilla Plastic Movement are experienced in creative work, communication and dissemination.

There will be a talk with The Guerrilla Plastic Movement at Velferden, with Pippip Ferner and Vibeke Vigeland. The artists are featured at the show “Habitat” at Galleri 2 and two of the members are also giving a workshop with local young people that ends with a small performance during the festival.

With Gry-Hege Johansen, Toril Rygh, Pippip Ferner, Christine Istad, Hilde Kjepso, Pernille Rosfjord, Hanne Ekkeren fra gruppa — Guest artist Philipp Spillmann and Elisabeth Mathisen.