Alfredo Zinola

200 ways

    The September program is cancelled

    In 200 Ways, a dancer uses movement as a medium to create a bond between themselves and the audience. Written with invisible ink, every movement contributes to a canopy of connections that rests in the eyes of each individual spectator.

    200 Ways is a choreography built on synergies where the spectator becomes the protagonist just by looking. A unique movement language forms to create understanding, complicity and proximity, and reveals how even the simplest movement of a finger can talk about so many things; it is a playful performance where the dialog between the audience and the dancer becomes the dance.

    Here, a different kind of movement virtuosity is proposed: instead of tricks and jumps, simple common gestures serve to generate an encounter between the performer and the spectators. 200 Ways oscillates between the abstract, the personal, and the fantastic to create an unfamiliar yet fascinating movement universe, where an outstretched hand is as captivating as a somersault. 

    By and with Alfredo Zinola. Creative production: Micaela Kühn Jara. Dramaturgy: Maxwell McCarthy. Music: Caspar Hesselager. Costume: Claudia Hill. Light: Marek. Lamprecht. Technic: Emanuele Vallinotti.