Welcome to Stamsund Theatre Festival

When the long winter night evaporates, the redshank (Tringa totanus) returns from the south and the spring colors the mountains, you know that Stamsund Theatre Festival is about to begin. We offer you thrilling artistic experiences on the streets, in the square and on the stage, artistic conversations and of course – party in the fishing village.

We sincerely hope you will join us in this 6 day long and concentrated energy zone, where artists, organizers, audiences and international guests are mixed together as a party of friends across all traditional barriers. Together we will destabilize the gravity field  surrounding  Stamsund. 

It is with great pleasure and excitement  we welcome you all to Stamsund Theatre Festival 2023!

Artistic director

Thorbjørn Gabrielsen


Stamsund is located in Vestvågøy municipality and is one of the largest fishing villages in Lofoten and contains 1100 souls. To get here you need to take a 20 minutes plane ride from Bodø, a 4 hour boat ride on the coastal steamer or drive across Hamarøy via Lofast and over to Lofoten.

The dispersed traditional settlement of the fishing industry, fishing cabins and little homes clinging to the green mountains rising straight up from the blue sea, makes Stamsund one of the most unique and beautiful places in the world.

From the beginning it’s been all about the fish in Stamsund. The fishing season is generally between January and April and the fish is hung to dry in a traditional way to be shipped around the world. The fish and the fishing industry has always attracted a lot of people from the outside so the local public is well accustomed to travelers and famous for their hospitality.

Since the end of the 80s it has emerged a professional performing arts community here in the fishing village. The competence and knowledge of this community along with the musicians, visual artists and other cultural actors make it possible to host an international theater festival.