Sagliocco Ensemble


  • Monday 22.5.2023, 10:30, Teater Nor stor, Skole
  • Monday 22.5.2023, 12:00, Teater Nor stor, Skole
  • Tuesday 23.5.2023, 10:00, Teater Nor stor, Skole
  • Tuesday 23.5.2023, 18:15, Teater Nor stor, Billetter

Jeanette loves dogs with all her heart and she loves art with dogs.She is finally  about to give her first conference, as a part of the art and education project: “The Cultural doggy bag”. Among art history masterpieces, she has selected the most important ones, those where at least one dog is represented. The theme is captivating, Jeanette is passionate and competent. A poetical and raving approach, free from any restraint and any form for what’s so ever logic.She stumbles, strut, and juggle along a journey of initiation from impressionism to pop art. In her very sparkling, charming but still professional manner, Jeanette invites the audience to meet artists such as Munch, Picasso. Velasquez, Turner…An open door to art history, allowing to discover some of the world’s famous art work and learn about their untrue stories. Voff!ART has received the Momix Price in France and was nominated for the Gullsekk in Norway. Voff!ART has played more than 900 times in Norway, France, Switzerland and Belgium.

Sagliocco Ensemble was established in Porsgrunn in 1988 by Guandaline Sagliocco and Håkan Islinger. They got their international breakthrough in 1997 with The fallen Hero, winning the price for best performance during the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Since then the company has toured in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, Wales, Scotland, Slovenia, USA, Canada and Taiwan with different performances. Sagliocco Ensemble works in an intimate tradition and with a close and direct communication with their audience. The actor and the artistic director Guandaline Sagliocco has during the years developed an artistic language that makes the performances poetic, playful and humoristic. The theater is a member of Performing Arts Hub Norway and ASSITEJ Norway. 

produksjon: Sagliocco Ensemble, director: Anne-Sophie Erichsen (Grenland Friteater), acting and artistic director: Guandaline Sagliocco, musique, composition, sound design: Nadine Esteve scenography, decor: Silje Steinsvik costume: Katharina Barbosa Blad, video, photo: Jørn Steen Lightdesign: Jean-Vincent Kerebel Régie