Eilertsen & Granados Teaterkompani

This must be the place

  • Tuesday 23.5.2023, 20:00, E&G Teater, Billetter
  • Wednesday 24.5.2023, 20:00, E&G Teater, Billetter

“This must be the place” is a performance that is shaped around the history of Eilertsen & Granados Theater in Stamsund. Historical events seen through the eyes of the theatre. The building’s function as a meeting place for plays, cinema, parties, weddings and funerals in a historical context where the theater itself becomes art in itself. In the experience both actors and audience will become the story through both viewing it in perspective but also becoming the narrative themselves. We create an “immersive” performance where all senses are used and the distinction between audience and actors merges.

cast: actors, Andreas Eilertsen, Cristina Granados, Guro Rokstad Clausen, Nora Andvig, dancer & choreographer: Sara Skoglund, scenography and costumes designer: Jack Markussen, composer: Joakim Rainer Petersen, direction: Eilertsen & Granados