Zinola/Kühn/McCarthy/Stamsund Teaterfestival

life/nature/climate/art – open conversation

  • Saturday 27.5.2023, 13:00, Velferden, Gratis

Now we only see the status quo and think it will last forever.  But things will change again. /………/Something new will happen that we cannot predict.  A new cycle will begin, and reality will be reborn From Agnieszka Hollands movie «Spoor» 2017.

Stamsund Teaterfestival has entered an agreement for 3 years with Zinola/Kühn/Mccarthy and the project “Pucture”. They have rented a pice of land in the north of Italy with a contract for 100 years with the goald to bring back the biodiversity. At the same time, they are exploring what kind of artistic potential and strategies that can be related to this project.

In this expanded artist talk with Zinola/Mccarthy/Kühn, we hope to learn more about  “Puncture”, we also like to open a conversation about the future togheter with thouse of you that have thougts, fears, and ideas concerning climate, art, nature, animals, plants and life.