Skuespiller- og danseralliansen, Norske Dansekunstnere, Norsk Skuespillerforbund, Performing Artshub Norway, Norsk skuespillersenter Seminar

Seminar: Den store begrepsreisen – Praktisk og teoretisk profesjonalitetsforståelse i den frie scenekunsten

  • Wednesday 24.5.2023, 08:30, Figurteatret, Gratis
  • Wednesday 24.5.2023, 11:30, Figurteatret, Gratis
  • Wednesday 24.5.2023, 15:00, Figurteatret, Gratis
  • Thursday 25.5.2023, 08:30, Figurteatret, Gratis
  • Thursday 25.5.2023, 11:30, Figurteatret, Gratis
  • Thursday 25.5.2023, 15:00, Figurteatret, Gratis

NB! This seminar will be held in Norwegian

Five art supporting organizations are collaborating to strengthen the performing arts field through a seminar with focus on terms within professionalism. Like faithful tour guides we invite you on a journey of terms from Bodø to Stamsund, and to this year’s theater festival.

What does it mean to be professional in the performing arts community, who defines it and what are the benefits? How do you become a professional expert? How do we educate professionalism and what are the characteristics of a professional production in the independent field compared to the institutions?

The seminar will contain several short sessions, interviews and assembly points in a period over three days between 23. to 25. of May. The first session will take place at sea, on Hurtigruten between Bodø and Stamsund, Tuesday the 23rd. The format will give the participants an opportunity to immerse themselves in numerous perspectives and contextualize content over time, to grow confident in this wilderness of perspectives, vocabulary and conceptual understanding.

This program will focus on depth rather than surface, overview rather than clouded sight, and in its humble completeness will enrich the performing arts community.The program will also be streamed for the curious and less adventurous. 

Join us on an adventure that will enrich and expand the communities understanding of professionality, professional and profession. Skuespiller- og danseralliansen, Norske Dansekunstnere, Norsk Skuespillerforbund, Performing Artshub Norway og Norsk skuespillersenter are ready to guide you.

And remember! There is no such thing as bad weather, only ill will towards understanding of terms!