Iggy Malmborg


  • Saturday 27.5.2023, 19:00, Teater Nor stor, Billetter

In a supposedly autobiographical work the entire story of Malmborgs life and his problem is told in six chapters and a prolog. We follow the bumpy road that took him from a deeply christian family in the Swedish rural area, via friendship, sin and homelessness, to Stamsund Theatre Festival. It is the tale of a hero who tries to become a villain, but fails. Satan can be seen as a genre piece, an hommage to the ancient form of oral storytelling, yet something or someone is lurking in the shadows…

SATAN tells an avoidably autobiographical story of a hero who wants to become a villian, but fails and to the disastrous places that leads him. The performance revolves around questions of ethics and truth, and what it means to tell a story on stage. Following Malmborgs previous works on the theatre situation, SATAN takes aim at the power of illusion. It does so by using old storytelling techniques where the voice and the body are the only means to transport the audience to far away places and times and to evoke affects like identification, awe, fear or desire. 

by and with: Iggy Malmborg, dramaturge: Johan Jönson, light design: Ulrich Ruchlinski, choreography: Sebastian Persson, production manager: Elisabeth Carmen Gmeiner, translation: Jostein Steindalco-production: Schauspielhaus Leipzig, Frascati theater and BIT-teatergarasjen in collaboration with : Inkonst, Stamsund Teatrfestival and Reykjavík dance festival