Micaela Kühn and Sophie Rustone


  • Friday 26.5.2023, 17:00, Kroa, Gratis

Workshop with pupils from Svarholt Skole, open view Friday 26.mai

The workshop will focus on two aspects of the dance music world; DJing and dancing and how these two interact with each other as well as exploring different characters & attitudes that could appear at the DJ booth or on the dancefloor.

The participants will learn to mix with Sophie, who will show them the main principles of DJing, learning the DJ equipment, learning about different dance music genres and selecting tracks to play for the performance. Micaela will be focusing on movement, exploring how to move to different genres of music and exploring characters, scenarios and themes that could appear in the performance for the finale. 

Sophie and Micaela will split the group in two, one group working with Sophie on the DJ set and the other with Micaela on the dance scores, and then swap and/or meet together and share each other’s ideas and experiences. At the end of the workshop week, we will invite the audience in, share what we have achieved and hopefully start a party!