Cie 1001, presenteres i samarbeid med Figurteatret i Nordland

L’ivresse des profondeurs

  • Friday 26.5.2023, 20:00, Figurteatret, Billetter
  • Saturday 27.5.2023, 18:00, Figurteatret, Billetter

L’ivresse des profondeurs (Inebriation of the Depth) is a condition that can affect any diver descending with a tank. Euphoria, confusion, blurred vision, loss of consciousness, anxiety, hallucinations…

The ability to judge is reduced, we forget, we are not able to make the right decisions in time and we put our lives at risk.

Here, the intoxication is that of plunging into a world of escapism, of realities that shift, of words that we can’t pronounce or others that we repeat to reassure ourselves. It is said that in order to avoid the feeling of drunkenness in the depths, one must talk to someone or repeat the same gestures, be with others. Alone, time is reduced, stretched, perception blurred…

Talking is what this Scheherazade does, stories of people in suspended gravity, their roots torn from their homeland. These traces from the depths of a wandering land speak of displacement, the choice of where to live, the choice that is no choice: leave or stay.

Extract from the text : They say that in the deep water you slowly begin to forget everything!

Until you forget to breathe! They call it the intoxication of the deep. It is when you no longer have the strength to fight, when you let yourself be dragged down by the blackness of the abyss.The air here is like the air of the abyss. It is possible that we forget our names, our memories, our dreams…

But we must not! We must talk to avoid the intoxication of the abyss.When we are alone, we forget more quickly. Alone, time is shorter, time is longer, perception blurs.

direction, performance, construction: Sayeh Sirvani. Written by: Mahmoud Ahadinia, Leyla Hekmatnia, translated and re-written by: Sayeh Sirvani, Coraline Charnet, assistant director: Coraline Charnet, exterior view: Nicole Mossoux, sound design: Alex Derouet, lighting design, technical: Antoine Lenoir, musical composition: Parva Karkhaneh, english translation: Teresa Ondruskova, german translation: the students of the Master I and II of the Translation and Interpreting course at the University of Liège, Germanic orientation, under the direction of Myriam-Naomi Walburg.

delegated production: Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières, co-production: Tas de Sable-Ches Panses Vertes – lieu conventionné art de la marionnette-Amiens, with the support of the Institut International de la Marionnette – in the framework of a residency Tremplin – Charleville-Mézière – le LEM – lieu de création – Nancy – Université de Liège Théâtre Louis Jouvet scène conventionnée d’intérêt national – art et création – Rethel Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté in the framework of the residency for the revival in April 2022 – Brussels.