Galleri 2

Like a fairytale/Et sant eventyr

  • Tuesday 23.5.2023, 21:00, Galleri 2, Gratis
  • Wednesday 24.5.2023, 12:00, Galleri 2, Gratis
  • Thursday 25.5.2023, 12:00, Galleri 2, Gratis
  • Friday 26.5.2023, 12:00, Galleri 2, Gratis
  • Saturday 27.5.2023, 12:00, Galleri 2, Gratis

Touching our post-covid days, told as a fairytale with visual arts, video effects and music

One day, suddenly, the happy go-lucky little Kåli falls into a nowhere-land and cannot get out.  Along come the helpers. Professionals and amateurs alike. All with the best of intentions …

Seamless embroidery art and a world of paperclips by Lill-Anita Olsen, in tracking shots by Inger Lise Hansen, recited by Runa Svare, cello improvs Ellie Young, Piano improvs and music, concept manus direction co-camera and edit Randi Størseth