Heiko Goelzer

Ice sheets and sea-level change

  • Thursday 25.5.2023, 10:00, Velferden, Gratis


Heiko Goelzer is a Research Professor at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre in Bergen. His scientific interest is focused on modelling ice sheets and their interaction with other components of the Earth system. His work is aimed at improving our understanding of the evolution of ice sheets and their contribution to sea-level change in past, present and future. Ice sheets are large bodies of glacier ice that can cover an entire continent. At present we have one on Greenland and one on Antarctica that together contain nearly 70 % of the Earth’s fresh water resources. With millions of people living close to the coast globally, the ice sheets’ response to global warming and their ongoing and projected contribution to sea-level rise is considered one of the most troubling consequences of global climate change.

For the festival in Stamsund, Heiko Goelzer will give an accessible overview of his work and discuss questions of global governance, adaptation and the required long-term perspectives.