Claire Hind

Field Recordings from the International Aloneness Institute

  • Thursday 25.5.2023, 17:00, Teater Nor liten, Billetter

Stick tight to the to the rocks. Hey! Heat, her heat, first feeling comes when she presses against it, this other sound; low hum. Claire has been embodying geological rock, her body a field recorder, channelling the vibrations of seismic energy and unheard sound. Are we alone? Hurtling through space, Alone? Hey. Performing an 8-phase score composed from deep time processes of mountain formation and erosion, Claire opens up thoughts upon the philosophy of aloneness and shares her encounter with a meteor that established life changing events.This performance will initially take place in Teater Nor liten inviting the audience on a walk for   an outdoor experience, together with other wanderers, from across the globe.

mentored by Third Angel. score development: Ella Finer, images: Amalie Iona, art film with Alex Crowton, guitar;:Jem Kelly, vibrations: the rocks.

Claire Hind is an intermedial performance artist, practicing walking and scoring who researches visual and sentient experiences of embodying geological rock. She regularly collaborates with Clare Qualmann on the Ways to Wander books (Triarchy Press) and was a project associate on the Walking Publics/Walking Art research project co-curating The Walkbook: Recipes for Walking and Wellbeing. Claire also collaborates with Phil Smith and Helen Billinghurst on Walking Bodies (Triarchy Press) and is the co-author with Gary Winters on Embodying the Dead, Writing, Playing, Performing (Bloomsbury).  Claire is also Professor of Contemporary Theatre at York St John University, leading on Postgraduate Research for the School of the Arts and has mentored students and graduates of the Norwegian Theatre Academy.