Vestvågøy og Vågan Kulturskole


  • Sunday 22.5.2022, 14:00, Lofoten Kulturhus, Tickets
  • Tuesday 24.5.2022, 18:30, Meieriet kultursenter, Tickets

This performance is a collaboration between the culture schools in Vågan and Vestvågøy with students from song and drama.

“Findus and the fox” is a jazzed-up musical by Anders Jormin, Stefan Forssén and Sven Nordqvist, based on the children’s book with the same name by Sven Norqvist, the author behind the “Pettson and Findus” books.

Pettson and Findus live on a small farm in the countryside. Together with Prilla and the rest of the hens, it is all happy days, until Gustavsen the neighbor comes on a visit to warn about a fox lurking around in the neighborhood. He is angry and wants to shoot the fox. Findus thinks it’s wrong to shoot animals and would much rather scare the fox from eating chicken. And with that, Pettson and Findus start planning a gigantic show in fox-intimidation.

How will it end? Come and find out!

Participants: Lofoten Minivoices from Vågan and Vestvågøy culture schools, Drama students from Vestvågøy cultural school, Piano: Peter Andre Pliassov , Bass: Bengt-Ronny Lorentzen, Translation from swedish and song instruction: Hege Steenhoff Hov , Script, direction and costumes: Mette Myhr, Light: Locjan Golas, Sound: Timmy Liland