Anniken Greve

On the (Im)personal In Art

  • Wednesday 25.5.2022, 10:00, Velferden, Free


The life and story of the artist has entered contemporary art – theatre, performance, visual arts and literature – to an extent that was unthinkable in the heydays of modernism, both in its contemplative and its political moments. What are we to make of this shift in the role of the artist as a person? Does it make art more personal? Or perhaps not? 

The lecture will make this question an occasion to look more closely at the concept of person. What do we mean by the notion of “the person” and “personal”? Bringing out the tension between narcissism and processes of unselfing in artistic expressions, the lecture will ask what it takes to rescue a meaningful notion of the person and the personal in art.

Making use of a variety of examples, and revolving around works by Sara Stridsberg in particular, the lecturer will also bring in some of the usual suspects in her lectures in Stamsund: Ludwig Wittgenstein, Primo Levi, Franz Kafka, Hannah Arendt and Simone Weil.