Lost and Found Productions – Figurteatret i Nordland

Oh Baby Baby

  • Tuesday 24.5.2022, 13:00, Buksnes, School
  • Wednesday 25.5.2022, 09:00, Fygle, School
  • Wednesday 25.5.2022, 13:00, Svarholt, School
  • Thursday 26.5.2022, 19:00, Svarholt, Tickets

Oh Baby Baby is a crossover performance, between sex education and theatre, about love, sex, identity, puberty and the body, made and performed for school kids in 7th grade in DKS (The Cultural Rucksack).

The classroom has been converted into a center for shame removal. The new substitute teachers, Nikoline and Victoria, are extraterrestrial public health nurses who predict students’ future problems using real statistics, alternative methodology and groundbreaking technology – Maggie, an emotion detector in the form of a hyper-realistic baby doll.

The nurses have understood that the world depends on today’s youth and for them to have the capacity to think about important things rather than worrying about all the weird things that happen in their heads and bodies when puberty sets in.

Lost and Found productions is a theater company based on Andøya in Northern Norway. The company was founded by Nikoline J. Spjelkavik and Victoria F. S. Røising in 2016.

Lost and Found productions is working interdisciplinary with a specific emphasis on exploring audiovisual theater. Their aim is to make experimental theater more inviting for a broader audience, where music often plays a key role to make the performances more accessible to the public.

Script, direction and performer: Victoria Røising Script, direction and performer Nikoline Spjelkavik Script advicer: Magnus Sparsaas Set design: Svein Spjelkavik Costumes: Anne Kari Spjelkavik. The school performances are in collaboration with DKS