Håvve Fjell

Love Hurts

  • Saturday 28.5.2022, 18:00, Scene x, Tickets


A weary and burnt-out fakir, retired from the side-show and his bed of spikes put to rest, steps out of his comfort zone. Physical pain management was his strength and career for many years, but against heartache and depression he was powerless. Will he be able to manage his mental anguish by staging it?

 A story of lost love, loneliness and self-medication. Contemplation from a man who lost himself to depression and let himself deteriorate, heading towards the abyss with eyes wide open. Faith and hope disintegrated along with the fading will, the lack of inspiration contaminated the work, his behavior and his health. His life view turned darker at every corner in a downward spiral, almost everything lost its meaning. 

 It was not until the pitch dark bottom tempted him with death, that something awoke in him; an idea about staging his miserable self and turning the spotlight inward to illuminate the mental suffering. An idea to heal himself through an artistic process and expose himself to the world as weak and vulnerable. 

Text, concept and protagonist: Håvve Fjell, Composer, AV design and technic: Kai Luni Fjell, Video, scenography, graphic design and “the shadow”: Kim Luni Fjell,  Dramaturge and director: Tormod Carlsen,  Producer: Tormod Fuglestad, Photo: Helene Fjell