Mette Edvardsen

 Livre d`images sans images (billedbok uten bilder)

  • Friday 27.5.2022, 18:00, Teater Nor liten, Tickets

Work in progress

 In Livre d’images sans images Mette Edvardsen pursues the writing process that she has been developing over the last ten years. Considering choreography as writing, she has created a series of performances working with language as material and where voice is central. She thinks of dance as not being primarily a visual art form, but that other senses are engaged, like listening, feeling, imagining. This new work consists of a collection of texts that are performed in an informal setting with both spoken and recorded voice. The piece is composed with an unstable dramaturgy where things can exist next to each other without creating unity, a form of un-writing.

By: Mette Edvardsen With: Mette Edvardsen, Iben Edvardsen, Light: Bruno PocheronGrafisk, Design: Michael Bussaer Graphic design: Michael Bussaer, Vinyl: Xong, Photo: Bea Borgers, Production: Mette Edvardsen/Athome, Co-produced by Black Box teater (Oslo), Centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie (Caen), Supported by Norsk Kulturråd, Tittle: Livre d’images sans images (Bildebok uten bilder) er fra en bok av HC Andersen, Graphic design: Michael Bussaer Vinyl: Xong