Artist talks

  • Wednesday 25.5.2022, 13:00, Velferden, Free
  • Thursday 26.5.2022, 13:00, Velferden, Free
  • Friday 27.5.2022, 13:00, Velferden, Free
  • Saturday 28.5.2022, 13:00, Velferden, Free

We invite some of the artists to talk about their work and the performance they have presented at the festival.  The talks are held in a casual setting, in a conversation with Thorbjørn Gabrielsen and Anniken Greve. All the talks are held at Velferden. 

Wednesday kl. 13.00 – Findlay/Sandsmark

Thursday kl. 13.00 – Alfredo Zinola and Feil Teater

Friday kl. 13.00 – Ulf Nilseng and Julia B. Laperriére/Micaela Kühn Jara

Saturday kl.13.00 – Ingri Fiksdal and Wakka Wakka