Sonia Hughes

I AM FROM REYKJAVIK (in collaboration with Arctic Arts Festival)

  • Saturday 28.5.2022, 12:00, Rokvika, Free


Stamsund Theatre festival is proud to present artist, writer and performer Sonia Hughes in collaboration with Arctic Arts Festival. 

 “It’s simple really. I come to Stamsund I find a spot, I build myself a shelter then I take it down. Another day I will try somewhere else in the world.

I’m trying to feel at home anywhere. I want to feel entitled and unashamed. There are questions about identity, belonging, freedom, home. 

Part sculpture, part protest, part ceremony. 

The invitation is to witness a stranger in your landscape. How is it for me, how is it for you? Come and go, pass by, stay – it takes me a while. 

 It may be, that one day soon we will all have to find elsewhere to live. How will that go?” 

 Audience feedback  “Such a simple and powerful thing to watch. The physical taking up of space and the labour involved in doing so. The beautiful picture of her parents looking towards her as she claimed this spot of land. But beyond the act itself what was very moving was hearing Sonia respond to “What are you doing?” from a curious passerby. Her answer was simple and yet not literal. Unscripted and vulnerable. As with all of Sonia’s work, the conversation, the exchange of live thoughts is the heart of it all. And this conversation is held whilst she holds the straps that would hopefully stop the structure from blowing away. An urgency but somehow not feeling rushed. A reminder of the space that has been denied to so many, the challenge of claiming that space even now. Beautiful and vital.”