Numen Company – Figurteatret i Nordland


  • Friday 27.5.2022, 18:00, Frysa-Hurtigrutekaia, Tickets

Hero is an abstract story on identity and what shapes it. A visually strong contemplation of invisibility and becoming visible.

Who are we? What determines our identity? Is it our own perception and definition of who we are? Or is it the way others perceive us, the way society perceives us? Hero examines and plays with the myriad of facets of a personality. It’s an examination of split identities through the myth of the superhero. Nobody knows what lies behind a mask or beneath a suit. There is a suspicion, a possible clue, a theory about an experience, an incident … A possibility.

In his very distinct visual language Tibo Gebert hints at our reality, our hopes and yearnings, our fears and wishes.

A world of associations that touches us in our own personal story.

Director: Tibo Gebert Conception/ stage design /puppet: Tibo Gebert Performer: Tibo Gebert

Collaboration directing: Joachim Fleischer, Gabriel Hermand-Priquet, Laura Siegmund,  Music: Jasmine Guffond, Video: Grit Schuster Dramaturgy advice: Tim Sandweg Light: Joachim Fleischer, Costumes : Iris Weber-Auvray, Tibo Gebert Production/administration: Diane Sinizergus, Photography: Joachim Fleischer