Feil Teater

Dagen ingenting rart eller kriminelt skjedde i banken

  • Wednesday 25.5.2022, 10:00, I bakgården til Havly, School
  • Wednesday 25.5.2022, 12:00, I bakgården til Havly, School
  • Saturday 28.5.2022, 13:00, I bakgården til Havly, Tickets

Breaking news! Stamsund Sparebank have found a giant diamond in their wault, apparently worth millions. The bank has decided to display the diamond in the park so everyone can admire its beauty. Billie Brutto, the bank manager’s assistant, has been given the honor to invite everybody to the grand unveiling and she can guarantee that nothing strange or criminal will happen. Everything goes along as planned, then suddenly something unexpected happens. Fortunately master detective Banksy is on the case.

“The day nothing strange or criminal happened in the bank” is an outdoors walkabout performance where the audience participates in solving the crime mystery. Best suited for children above 5 years old. Remember to dress according to the weather. Welcome.

Participants: Script and concept: Didrik Hagberg and Vilde Johannessen Riddlemaster, Design and sound: Thomas Gallagher Banksy Two-Blade McRock: Didrik Hagberg, Billie Brutto: Ingeborg LarsenProduced by Feil Teater and SentralenUng.