Adjjima Na Patalung

Bangkok International Children´s Theatre Festival, Arts on location

  • Thursday 26.5.2022, 10:00, Velferden, Free


Adjjima Na Patalung is a curator and producer with background in theatre directing and sculpture. Formerly based in London, where her artistic and professional developments were cultivated, her work in Thailand is an application of her inter-cultural experiences and interdisciplinary knowledge. She founded Bangkok International Children’s Theatre Festival in 2016, as she believes in the potentiality of theatre for young audiences as a medium for social and cultural development. She also runs Arts on Location, a service which facilitates international exchanges through performing arts practices. 

BICTFest ( BICTFest, Bangkok International Children’s Theatre Festival, was first launched in 2016. It is a biannual festival run by a small collective. It is currently the only international festival in Thailand with a focus on the performing arts for young audiences. BICT Fest is non-profit. Our goal is not only to raise an awareness of the importance of children’s creativity, but also to promote the contemporary performing arts within the Thai cultural landscape.

We strive to create inclusive entry ways; equal opportunities to access and exposure to high quality and diverse works within this field. Our programme consists of 3 main parts; performances, workshops and seminars, which includes professional networking meetings. We look for works that are refreshing for our audiences in styles of presentation, processes and content, works that shift the stereotypical views of the performing arts for young audiences. We also believe in the experience beyond the performing space. We offer spaces for engagement with creative processes through training and dialogues as opportunities for exchange and creative development between artists and audiences and between artists. We include Thai as well as Southeast Asian performances to our international programme in order to encourage more work for young people in this region. We are currently a core member of the Asian Theatre for Young Audiences Network.

We do not have our own venue. Every year, we collaborate with public and non-commercial art spaces. Since the past few years we have started to reach out to other parts of Thailand by collaborating with networks working in arts for social change and education. Last year, we started to produce new works, one of which was an international co-production. Promoting and creating access to the arts for all is one of BICTFest’s main objectives. Under the politics of small change, BICTFest hope that our work can empower the audiences through the arts and the artists to create. We also hope that a festival will bring attention to the public about the importance of children’s creativity and acknowledge the power of the performing arts.