Galina Manikova


  • Tuesday 24.5.2022, 21:00, Galleri 2, Free
  • Wednesday 25.5.2022, 12:00, Galleri 2, Free
  • Thursday 26.5.2022, 12:00, Galleri 2, Free
  • Friday 27.5.2022, 12:00, Galleri 2, Free
  • Saturday 28.5.2022, 12:00, Galleri 2, Free

Galina Manikova was born in Japan, raised in Moscow, educated in Jerusalem and has lived in Norway for 35 years. She has a passion for alternative photo development processes, which she constantly develops with self-composed emulsions and the use of plants and handmade paper. Her new technique based on eco-printing and graphics arouses great international interest, and she is planning a photo center at Ramberg in Lofoten. Galina has exhibited at prestigious galleries and museums in many countries, but this is the first time she is holding a solo exhibition in the north. “Amygdala” refers to a place in the brain where memories are processed – as Galina does with photography in all shapes and materials – including sculptures. “Where are you from?” is her main theme, where old family photos are the basis for large installations with textiles, paper and glass. Galina will hold courses for school classes on “Photo of everything” where the pupils will create their own works with inspiration from the exhibition and things from nature. The artist will be present throughout the festival, so the audience can meet her and participate as elements in the installation.